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We cover Alt/Rock, Metal & EDM Genres + Tour/Festival, Producer/Composer Press & more...

Mission Statement

FiXT Publicity works smarter and harder than any other agency.
We deliver visually stunning press releases that grab editors’ attention and make you look great.


One-on-One Campaign Consultation / Planning & Extensive Campaign Research


Customized Pitches to Key Press Outlets in Beautiful Press Releases Sent Directly to Press Contacts


We Send Thorough Follow-Up Messages to Press Outlets to Make Sure Your News is Seen


Benefit from our Relationships with Press Outlets. We Even Send Supporters Personal Thank You's.


We Send You Detailed Reports & Screenshots so You Can Actually See Your Results.

Need Additional Help?

We Are Available to Consult on Additional Services such as Marketing, Advertising, Merchandise Printing & more!

FiXT Publicity doesn’t just hit send on a press release and wait to see what happens.
We see things through with a personalized, hands-on approach.

Our Services

Our packages include everything you need to run a successful publicity campaign. We will write and send customized press releases as well as create personalized pitches to key press outlets before and after sending a press release.

Additionally we will share a variety of reporting information back with you, including links & screenshots to supporting posts and number of contacts your press release was sent to.

  • Full Service Campaign
  • Premium Service Campaign
  • 2 Week Single or Video Campaign
  • Newsletter Blasts
  • Promo Videos / Logo Animation
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