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Mission Statement

FiXT Publicity works smarter and harder than any other agency.
We deliver visually stunning press releases that grab editors’ attention and make you look great.


One-on-One Campaign Consultation / Planning & Extensive Campaign Research


Customized Pitches to Key Press Outlets in Beautiful Press Releases Sent Directly to Press Contacts


We Send Thorough Follow-Up Messages to Press Outlets to Make Sure Your News is Seen


Benefit from our Relationships with Press Outlets. We Even Send Supporters Personal Thank You's.


We Send You Detailed Reports & Screenshots so You Can Actually See Your Results.

Need Additional Help?

We Are Available to Consult on Additional Services such as Marketing, Advertising, Merchandise Printing & more!

FiXT Publicity doesn’t just hit send on a press release and wait to see what happens.
We see things through with a personalized, hands-on approach.

Our Services

Our packages include everything you need to run a successful publicity campaign. We will write and send customized press releases as well as create personalized pitches to key press outlets before and after sending a press release.

Additionally we will share a variety of reporting information back with you, including links & screenshots to supporting posts and number of contacts your press release was sent to.

  • Full Service Campaign
  • Premium Service Campaign
  • 2 Week Single or Video Campaign
  • Newsletter Blasts
  • Promo Videos / Logo Animation
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Our Team

We're focused on personalized service, so take a moment to learn a little about us!

Tom George

Head Publicist: With over sixteen years experience in the entertainment industry, Tom’s clients have incuded: Static-X, BT, FIGURE, Jonny Craig, Davey Suicide, Gemini Syndrome, HAVOK, Snot, Alesana, Midnight Conspiracy, Artery Foundation, William Control, Fight Or Flight, Celldweller, Joey Sturgis, Ashestoangels, Rostrum Records and many more.

Matthew Leimkuehler

Publicist / Journalist: With a half-decade of music journalism experience, Matt joins the FiXT Publicity team with a keen sense of the music scene and media landscape. As a journalist, his bylines include Under The Gun Review, Substream Music Press, Juice magazine, and many others — working with such artists as The Used, Frank Iero, Say Anything, Yellowcard, Motion City Soundtrack, Finch, letlive., and endless others.

Rick Mohrhauser

Assistant Publicist: Ricky is the ninja-research/follow-up king of FiXT Publicity. When we need someone to dig into deep data-mining and detective work, we rely on Ricky. He's the go-to member for assistance on any campaign and is quickly developing into a solo publicist with his own client list.

Jared Baker

Client Relations Manager: With over a decade of experience in music/brand management, merchandising, booking and marketing, Jared has an impressive track record for finding talent and steering it towards success. Jared has worked with Rock, EDM and Hip-Hop including Kid Ink, Blood On The Dance Floor, Brokencyde, Porter Robinson, Chris Webby, Savant, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember and Visionary Music Group.

James Rhodes

General Manager: With over a decade of combined experience in artist management, direct-to-consumer marketing, film/tv/game licensing, merchandising, and online retail, James co-founded FiXT and leads a team of 12 full-time employees. James has worked with such artists/brands as: CreativeLive, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, BT, Figure, Excision, Shrapnel Streetwear, Destroid, Play Me Records, Varien and more.


Owner: Klayton, best known for his independently successful music career as artist/producer Celldweller is also the owner of FiXT. Klayton brings his do-it-until-you-succeed approach to all areas of FiXT, including the record label, merchandising and publicity divisions. Klayton has reached hundreds of millions of listeners, been featured in Film/TV/Games/Trailers like Iron Man, Pacific Rim & Robocop and toured the world with performances to crowds as large as 25,000 fans.

Michelle Phillips

Retail Manager:: After nearly a decade of experience as an FYE retail manager, Michelle came to FiXT in 2012. She has become an integral asset to the FiXT Store, overseeing all online retail operations from logistics/manufacturing, inventory management, customer service, warehouse management. She is also involved in our advertising, marketing & promotions campaigns

Brandon Clark

A&R Manager: Brandon is the FiXT and Subterra Records A&R Manager with a background as a music industry attourney. Brandon's experience spans from Alt/Rock to Indie/Folk and Singer-songwriter genres and he has a depth of knowledge and relationships across those industries as well.

Erica Schaub

Graphic Designer: Erica is our in-house designer. She specializes in advertising/marketing layouts and is a great copywriting consultant. If you need a professional presentation or design created, she is the woman for the job!

Matthew Akin

Video Animator: Matt is our video wizard. He is adept at 3D and 2D animated promo videos, as well as lyric videos, logo animations, and custom intro/outro bumper videos. If you're looking to elevate your YouTube content or video branding to the next level, Matt is the man for the job.

Miranda McIntosh

Accounting Manager: Miranda is our Human Resource & Accounting Manager. She is an integral part of our team, keeping invoicing/billing organized and is available to answer any of your payment questions.

Josh Danforth

Social Media Expert: Josh is a social media, creative marketing and viral campaign guru. He understands the social media landscape and zeros in on how to create effective engagement while maintaining artist integrity. Josh works with the FiXT label roster extensively and is a direct member of the Celldweller social media team.

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